Intersection of Immigration, Social Justice, Climate Change and Law

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Climate Change, War, and Factors Leading to Migration – Understand why migration occurs along the US-Southern border and across the globe. Explore causal factors including climate change, political turmoil, violence, and employment displacement.

U.S. Legal Immigration System – Speak to ICE and CBP border agents to understand their perspective. Visit a detention center, speak with leading community activists and social justice organizations, and witness the deportation hearings happening through Operation Streamline.

Impacts of Immigration – Explore the myriad of ways in which immigrants contribute to the economic, political, and social fabric of Southern Arizona. Meet entrepreneurs and community leaders and hear about their experiences.

Desert Exploration & Outdoor Adventure –  Navigate Southern Arizona’s magnificent desert and explore this fragile ecosystem. Learn and explore this desert wildlife through optional outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing adventures in the magnificent Sonoran Desert and Sky Island mountain parks.

Program Compenents
  • Program Coordination
  • Food & Housing
  • Booking Travel
  • Transportation
  • Reflection and Debriefing Activities
  • Re-entry Guidance

Focusing the group and laying foundations: 

The program begins with group orientation and acclimation to local culture, language, food, and customs. Program leaders will guide the group through activities and initiatives designed to elevate the group and empower the learning community to excel throughout the program.


Deep Dive into the issues at the heart of the Arizona Borderlands course:

Students explore the kaleidoscope of immigration issues in Southern Arizona, their causes and consequences:

  • Introduction to the factors that lead to emigration and immigration, ranging from climate change, political upheaval, violence, and media.
  • Exploration of the variety of governmental agencies and community organizations addressing immigration by meeting Border Agents, visiting detention centers, and learning about the ways community organizations advocate for the humane treatment of migrants.
  • Apply these concepts to the historical concept of migration and explore innovative approaches to create a more equitable and safe immigration system for the 21st century.

Explore the majestic Sonoran Desert Ecosystem

Hike, bike, climb and explore the gorgeous desert landscapes of Southern Arizona. Learn about the fragile desert ecosystem and the fascinating flora and fauna that inhabit the region. Witness the staggeringly colorful sunsets and sunrises that have enthralled inhabitants and visitors for millenia.

Optional: On a longer visit, there is the option to visit the Grand Canyon or wilderness areas in Navajo Nation.

Program Details
Available All-Year Round
Starting/Ending Point
Phoenix or Tucson, AZ
Learning Goals
Social Justice, Immigration, Climate Change, Legal System, Wilderness
Service Hours Earned
Approximately 10-20 hours depending on program length
Language Requirement
High 80°F, Low 55°F
Group Size
Up to 18 students, 1-2 chaperones, 2 Global Routes leaders
Spaces Available
Mexican-influenced cuisine, including pasole, tacos, beans and rice, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables
Program Fee
Starting at $1,995 per student
Varies based on length, group size, and scope of program
Camping and/or group housing

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