Earn College Credit
Opportunity for high school students to earn college credits on their summer adventure!

Travel is educational, and now your Global Routes program comes with a transcript to prove it! We are very excited to offer college credit on all of our summer high school programs, so now students can explore and learn about a new country and earn college credit at the same time. In partnership with Western Colorado University, students can earn 3 college credits by enrolling in our ROE course (Recreational and Outdoor Education) Special Topics: Cultural Expeditions!

What is the course?

This is an experiential field course that allows students to earn credits for activities and experiences they would already be having on a Global Routes program. The course focuses on self-growth, cultural immersion, language skills,  goal setting, intra- and interpersonal skills development, leadership development, outdoor leadership and expedition skills, all in the context of exploring a new country and the challenges that inherently arise from travel. Again, these are not sit-down lectures, but just lessons that naturally happen on our programs. You will earn college credit as you trek in the Himalayas, learn about conservation in Hawaii and Costa Rica, and camp in Colorado. How awesome is that?!

What are the assignments?

Don’t worry, you would be inside studying for exams and writing papers while your friends are out exploring. Your grade is comprised of participation on the program, journal entries, and a reflective paper completed at home after the program. Most students are already journaling on our programs, doesn’t it make sense to earn college credit for it?

How does it work?

Students sign up for their Global Routes program and decide if they want to earn college credits on their program. Students then fill out a quick form with Western Colorado University and enroll in the course. Families can pay for their Global Routes program and college credits through Western Colorado, making the entire experience tax-deductible, which essentially pays for the college credits.


How does it work?

If you choose to earn college credits for your Global Routes program, you will register for your Global Routes program and then also register with Western Colorado University. You can pay for your program and college credits through Western Colorado University, which makes it tax-deductible.

What are the benefits of earning college credit?

Earning college credits as a high school student has major advantages. You can include your credits on your resume when applying to college/university. You might be able to forgo general education courses/electives, allowing you to take other classes that interest you. Having college credits before college might give you more time to study abroad and complete your major requirements, or even let you study abroad for two semesters instead of one. There really aren’t any downsides to earning college credit early!

What are the assignments?

Once you enroll you will receive a the course syllabus closer to your departure date. The major assignments consist of journal entries on program and a final paper due September 1, 2021. Do not panic, you will not be studying for exams while your friends are out having fun in Nepal. If you choose to earn college credits while on your Global Routes program, you will get to participate in all activities as someone who is not earning college credits. The difference is that there is a bit of pre coursework (think reading 1 book and maybe watching a TED Talk or two) and then a final reflection paper after your program has ended.

How much does it cost?

In addition to the program tuition, the 3-credit course is $995.

Program tuition and airfare + 3-credit course ($995) = Final total

Remember that if you choose to earn college credits you can pay for your entire experience through Western Colorado University, making it tax-deductible. (Global Routes will collect payment for deposit, incidentals, and flights, these will not go through the university).

Will my college or university accept the credits?

All colleges and universities have their own policies about credits they will accept that were completed with another institution. The most likely scenario is that credits will count as electives or general education credits.

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