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Jul 29
Galapagos Update
We just checked in the with Galapagos group briefly and wow are they having a great adventure. They have filled their days with snorkeling with sea lions, boating from area to area...
Ecuador Amazon photos!
The group enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend in Banos and is now headed to Misahaulli into the Amazon! Here are some photos from Rosa Elvira!
Jul 28
Update from Ecuador Amazon!
The group had a fantastic last week in the community of Rosa Elvira. They worked hard to bring the bridge to a point of near completion! The middle pillar was set, the...
Jul 26
A quick update on the service project in Nepal
The project overall is going well although the group is down to crunch time with really just 2 days left to work before a final celebration celebration before leaving the community. The...
Jul 25
Notes from the Ecuador Galapagos Students!
As the group headed out of their beloved home for the last two and half weeks, Paloseco, and on to Quito then the Galapagos, a few students found time to reflect on...
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