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Jul 13
Working hard in Belize
We had a brief opportunity to check in with the Belize group, they have been working hard on the service projects! After arriving to a wonderful welcome party, the group settled right...
Ecuador Update
After settling into the community for the week, the students are already off on a weekend excursion to Quilotoa! The group spent the week settling into the town of Mono Loma. The...
Jul 10
Settled in and working hard in Tanzania!
We had a chance to catch up with the Tanzania group at the end of the day their time today. They had just finished up another full day of the restroom construction...
Jul 09
Life in San Antonio
Costa Rica reports a smooth settling into life in San Antonio. When they arrived on Sunday, the community was waiting with a fiesta de llegada (arrival party) for the group, complete with food, music,...
Jul 06
Lions, Hippos and Wildebeests!
Everyone is doing well in Tanzania! A quick update before they head into Njoro: The group saw many animals, including the rarely seen: LIONS! Everyone was ecstatic to see baby elephants too!...
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