Where do you go from here?
Jul 16
With the sun shining bright…an update from Selela
With the sun shining bright in Selela, the group is still hard at work making continued and impressive progress on the project. Layering brick upon brick, mixing mortar, shoveling sand, and raising...
Jul 15
Reflections after a homestay in Pumamarca, Peru
From our group in Peru: When we first arrived in Pumamarca, I felt a bit shocked because the living conditions were something I’ve never seen before. Overall, I left there more grateful...
Jul 14
Quilota, a dream come true
In Saturday morning’s mist, we rode down from foggy Wakra Urku into San Luis town. There we eagerly awaited the van that would take us 4 hours to Quilotoa. No one in...
Jul 13
Just over half way and making progress
We enjoyed a great update from the Belize group today. Their focus remains on the project in San Antonio, though they have also enjoyed time with their host families and explorations around...
Happy Birthday Flaco, welcome to Lauders!
The Grenadines group has a lot to celebrate, but before it’s too late we want to say happy birthday to their famed leader, Flaco! Another reason to celebrate, the group arrived in...
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